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fake watches
Posté le 20/04/2020 16:10  
What are the taboos of men wearing watches? What do men pay attention to when wearing watches? Any man attaches great importance to his choice of replica watches for sale , because the watch is your face and identity. But the taboos of men wearing watches may not be well understood by many people, and they may even choose the wrong watch on some occasions. Although not many people will notice your watch, the uncoordinated wearing style will definitely leave a bad impression. Here is a brief introduction to the taboos of men wearing watches.

Note one, maintain style coordination

No matter what style of replica swiss watches you like, we must still ensure the unity of the watch style on some special occasions, at least not to be overly abrupt. For example, during business negotiations, we can't wear some colorful fashion watches, we still have to choose some basic business watches. While in sports, it is definitely impossible to choose watches that are too commercial. The taboo for men to wear watches is that they need to keep the collocation. The watches are like women's jewelry, and we must consider the style of Qin Guang.

Note two, the dial should not be too large

Although many male friends like large dial watches, pay attention to the thickness of your wrist. The taboo of men wearing watches is to bring some watches that are too large. Basically, the dials of male watches are around 36-43MM, which is already a very standard size, unless a taller male can wear some oversized dials, otherwise business It is still not recommended to wear such a very uncoordinated watch in occasions, etc., to give people a feeling that you pay special attention to details and images.

Note three, consider identity

Although wearing a fake luxury Watches in the company is based on personal preference, there is no company that strictly stipulates that you cannot wear a watch. The taboo for men to wear watches still needs to take into consideration your work situation. For example, the leader wears only the Omega basic model. You will wear the collection model directly. Although everyone will not say anything, there will be some that are not suitable local. So try to choose a watch that suits your identity. You can also wear some high-end watches in daily leisure.

We also provide a lot of matching recommendations for men who like watches. If you do n’t know what kind of watch to wear on which occasion, you can directly learn through it. In this way, before buying a watch, determine whether it is really suitable for yourself, and naturally choosing a watch will become a lot easier.

How does Tudor adjust the time? Tudor watch how to adjust the date

Today's watchmaking industry can be said to be full of flowers, and different types of watches are rushing into our sights, and some of them are just taking a slice of the money through some top watch brands. The development of the watchmaking industry has made watches increasingly complex, and the complexity of watches has increased our difficulty of use. How to adjust the time of Tudor and how to adjust the date of the Tudor watch have also become our number one problem, which will be solved for everyone next.replica Jacob and Co watches

From ancient times to the present, there are countless stories of idioms and fables about time. Time is very important to us. At this point, our ancestors realized very early that everything from ancient time incense to modern pocket watches to today's watches is all to explain the importance of time. Today's watchmaking industry, in one sentence, is blooming in blossom, and various watches dominate the entire watchmaking industry, some of them are indiscriminate, and some are won by virtue of their "true learning" Status. Tudor watches are undoubtedly the case. The function of Tudor watches is complicated by our operation. Let's understand how to adjust the time and how to adjust the date of Tudor watches?

How to adjust the time of Tudor and how to adjust the date of Tudor watch?
The watch's calendar device only beats once within 24 hours a day. However, the hour hand of the watch rotates two times. In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12 noon. The correction is also very simple. You only need to turn the watch clock hand one clockwise. If the second situation occurs, there are two ways to correct it. Usually, the current watch with calendar (including week calendar) function has 3 gears on the crown. When the crown is fully pushed in, it is also called "normal". "Gear", at this time, rotating the crown can only wind the watch; when the crown is completely pulled out, the watch can be dialed forward or reverse, between the "normal gear" and the completely pulled dial gear. There is also a gear, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar. You need to slowly and carefully put the crown in this position, and rotate the crown to accurately calibrate the calendar. Old-fashioned watches generally do not have this quick adjustment function, so they can only be corrected by dialing the hands clockwise. There are also ways to be lazy, that is, after jumping the calendar, the watch hand is reversed counterclockwise to the 7 o'clock position, and then clockwise to the 12 o'clock calendar position, so that you can avoid the trouble of continuously clockwise dial.replica Richard Mille watches

Tudor watch how to adjust the date? Tudor watch date adjustment notes
Matters needing attention when repairing the calendar mechanism and calendar adjustment mechanism of Tudor's official website (1) The problem of the elasticity of the elastic dial and the elasticity of the positioning rod spring The elasticity of the flexible dial on the calendar ring, otherwise it will cause the calendar ring to move backward and change the day. However, the spring force of the positioning rod spring should not be too large, too large will excessively consume the energy supplied by the basic movement and affect the balance swing of the balance wheel. (2) The assembly of the quick dial claw and the quick dial wheel presses the two on the shaft and rotates around the upper hole of the compression spring. After cleaning, oil must be injected here. Otherwise, there will be inflexible rotation or increased wear and tear, affecting the performance of the quick dial.replica hublot Watches

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